Friday, October 14, 2011

Tips for Safe Play Indoors

Outdoor playgrounds are of course a key area of focus when it comes to safety as well as educational and entertainment value, however indoor play areas also deserve a similar level of attention.

Sometimes what appears to be the most obvious of common sense solutions -- keeping the floor clear so people won't trip -- often gets overlooked in the fray of everyday school or family life. A recent article by Daniel Akinson points out the fact that a leading cause of injuries that happen inside the house or classroom result from toys not being picked up.

"One specific danger and one that is usually ignored are all the kids’ toys that have not been picked up," the article states. "This can definitely be a hazard if the living area is doubling as a play area."

The magazine provides the following advice on how to prevent accidents that can lead to minor or at times serious injuries:

• "Designate a particular area of the room in which the kids should play" and make children understand that whenever toys are in use, that is where they should be.

• "Show your child how to be neat." Instill this early on in their lives and follow up by making sure they always clean up after themselves when playtime concludes.

• "Teach your kids that picking up is fun." To counter the perception that putting stuff away, the article suggests a game in which kids race to put their things away before the end of a favorite song playing in the background.

• "To keep your kids safe from falls, place a large rug in their play area."