Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Toddler Playground Training

Early inculcation of proper playground etiquette is the first line of defense for parents with toddlers and young children. A child with a good set of playground values is indeed less likely to hurt him or herself or others.

"It is important to build safe habits in your children as soon as you begin visiting the playground," according to eHow.com's Todd Bowerman. "Good habits keep your kids safe and make your trips less stressful."

The writer lists four points to teach youngsters about how to make the most of the playground experience.

First on the agenda is communication. Prior to going to the playground, toddlers should be walked through the motions of using playground equipment as well as how they should interact with other children. Emphasize that pushing and shoving are never acceptable and taking turns is the way to do it. Parents should repeat these instructions often.

Clear ground rules are also essential. Set specific boundaries pertaining to equipment you don't want the child to use or areas of the playground he or she is not permitted. Make sure the toddler has a well-defined play area.

Once the Child has been properly prepped, the first trip to the playground needs to involve mom and/or dad physically demonstrating equipment use.

"For instance, slide down a slide with her to build her confidence, show her the proper way to sit on a swing and hold on to the chains or how to correctly and safely mount a rocking horse," Bowerman advised. "Remind her to let moving equipment stop before getting on or off."

Correcting mistakes immediately is also key. Upon spotting a toddler's mistake, go up to him or her and offer a gentle reminder of the playground rules.